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April 19 2020





this is like scrooge seeing his own grave in a christmas carol

Love reblogging a picture of Tumblr’s grave on Tumblr


The most mystified I’ve ever been by a customer was a guy from Ohio who honest to god didn’t know what beans were.

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you are awesome!
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Lucy Worsley is a goddamn national treasure.

Me on my state-approved daily walk.

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Huytuf, if you love lost hikers and crushed salamanders so much, why don’t you carve it into a lovely old tree and let the world know? Or perhaps you’d rather chisel in the sentiment of “my artistic whims are more important than the safety of others and the health of an ecosystem”? After all, if we’re not separate from the environment, nothing we can do can hurt it or cause problems.

But what do I know? I’m just a stupid old park naturalist who is, according to you, going to hell for discussing folklore while not being militantly Christian about it.


we’ve already proven how fucking stupid op is. this shit is so fucking annoying. aside from creek beds stacking rocks isnt hurting the fucking environment. which once again i remind you we arent separate from. please calm down and stop acting like people living their life and creating art is destroying an ecosystem.


Please don’t! 

If you want to build rock towers, get your own rocks and build them at home. That’s perfectly fine. But rocks provide vital habitat for wildlife, especially in stream bed; moving and stacking them leaves them without shelter, crushes them, exposes their eggs, and leads to soil erosion and bank destruction. Leave them where they are.

Furthermore, cairns are used as trail markers to indicate routes. Creating pointless cairns for funzies and Instagram can actually be dangerous to other hikers who rely on them for navigation, and immensely frustrating for rangers. We don’t say “leave no trace” to be mean–we’re trying to protect both the environment and our visitors. 


I’m gonna leave a trace and it’s gonna be a cool ass rock tower in the woods :D


When did hikers develop the collective impulse to stack rocks and make obnoxious, useless decorative cairns at every park and river they visit? I don’t remember seeing them as a kid except as trail markers, but now they’re EVERYWHERE. What part of “leave no trace” don’t people understand?

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We’ve all seen that post going around about how medieval mystery plays often treated Joseph as comic relief because apparently getting cuckolded by God Himself was the most hilarious thing imaginable to a medieval peasant. This was far from the extent of the shenanigans present in such plays, however. Other notable scenes include:

  • Lucifer and the other newly fallen angels having a nitpicking argument over precisely whose fault the Fall was, with Lucifer being berated at length by his subordinates for his alleged incompetence

  • Cain getting into a slapstick scuffle with the angel sent down to investigate what’s happened to Abel. (The angel here replacing God because obviously you can’t depict Cain slapfighting God – there are limits, after all!)

  • A trio of shepherds coming to witness the birth of Christ, and trying to praise the newborn Lord in formal, high-flown language, only to repeatedly devolve into gushing babytalk mid-sentence because the baby Jesus is so adorable they keep losing their focus

  • The same shepherds attempting to present the baby Jesus with lordly gifts, but having only whatever junk they happen to be carrying on their persons to work with, one of them ends up giving Jesus a tennis ball

  • Soldiers responsible for carrying out Christ’s execution arguing over the correct way to crucify a man and struggling with an incompetently constructed cross, at one point realising that they holes they’ve pre-drilled for the nails won’t work because Jesus’ arms aren’t long enough.

@thatoneguywiththestories​ replied:

Do you have a link to any of these plays? I’d love to have a read through of some of these concepts if they’re available

The third and fourth bullet points form the epilogue of The Second Shepherds’ Play from the Wakefield Cycle, and the fifth shows up in the Crucifixion episode of the York Mystery Plays. I don’t recall off the top of my head where I encountered the first two, though I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably something from York as well.


One of the sweetest things about Way Of The House Husband is that Tatsu hangs out with all the middle aged housewives while his wife is at work and apparently that’s exactly the life he always wanted.

Even sweeter is that Tatsu affectionately calls Miku “the boss” but will also sometimes talk about his yakuza boss without making it clear that he’s not talking about Miku. His old boss would make him do grueling work and often beat him, which results in the women thinking Miku is abusing him.

Their concern for him and assurance that he can always come to them for help is so sweet. Just housewives looking out for a househusband with no judgement.


Call that Mario hyperinflation hyperinflation





heres a couple more examples!


just stumbled across Francisco Soria Aedo’s work and first off: really good painter, super talented. He mainly did portraits and neoclassical but I really like are his expressions, which do show up in his neoclassical work. lots of people smiling and having fun and it’s just very cute

this is one of my favorites


heres a couple more examples!


just stumbled across Francisco Soria Aedo’s work and first off: really good painter, super talented. He mainly did portraits and neoclassical but I really like are his expressions, which do show up in his neoclassical work. lots of people smiling and having fun and it’s just very cute

this is one of my favorites






If I was ever slated to meet Donald Trump, I’d stuff my pockets with those little hand sanitizer bottles. Every time he’d shake my hand, I’d immediately take one out and squirt the whole bottle. Make a whole spectacle of it, sanitizing my entire right arm. But only after shaking his hand; I’d also be sure to shake the hands of as many other people as possible, but never even think about hand sanitizer until SCROTUS is reaching towards me. Hell, maybe as we’re going in for the shake I’d already have my left hand in my pocket, very dramatically digging for a hand sanitizer so I could be cleaned the moment our hands part. Can you imagine the fucking headlines? The drama? I’d be the target of Turnip’s angry tweets for months. His lapdogs nazis voters would be outraged, screaming obsenities for DARING to attempt voodoo on their god bc they don’t understand cleanliness or germ theory. It would be awesome. I’d be an international hero for washing my hands.

I woke up from a dream last night, posted this, then immediately fell back asleep. I’m glad to see it was coherent and well-received. :)

absolutly amazing

this aged so well






if we break up i’m taking back the powers i gave you


I love b&w proper ladies breaking character with “sonofabitch”


I love this so much, I’m gonna start saying “nuts” we need to bring it back

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A Bards side piece

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Oh my God what did he do fucking donate CPAP machines? Because a CPAP is basically a less powerful ventilator and when you exhale it blows your breath all over the room

Oh no I was right he sent them jury rigged CPAP machines

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