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I just woke up from a dream where I was pregnant, and ETD and I were having a gender reveal party hosted by Morticia Addams cause in my dream Morticia and I were besties and she kept giving me pretty solid advice on raising children.

And you know that thing people do where they cut into the cake and it reveals the gender? Well, we had a cake, but the outside frosting was black, like, void black with the occasional glimmer of starlight, and when the time came to cut the cake Gomez handed me a sword and I stabbed it and a rainbow of holographic glitter spilled everywhere and bats flew up into the night and all the “real” people in the dream were horrified at the mess and trying to escape, but Morticia just sipped her tea, letting the glitter rise around her ankles as it continued to spew forth from the void cake and just looked at me like “Congratulations, it’s a baby, probably. Cake?” and my happiness/terror at the ambiguity of that sentence straight up woke me up out of a dead sleep and now I’m telling all of you before I forget.

Cause that dream was awesome.

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