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pearl hanging out with the humans season 1:

pearl hanging out with the humans season 3:

pearl hanging out with the humans season 4:

It’s like a journey from compulsive femininity to embracing her butchness. Also, it’s kind of like a big 🖕 to Homeworld since they were all about sticking her in dresses and she put on pants at the first opportunity while defying her intended role.

Exactly. To me it feels like everyone saying Pearl can’t be butch because she wears dresses, pastels or what have you are consciously forcing that femininity onto a character that actively chooses to wear masc attire. “She wears dresses in the beginning, and has a bow or a bit of lace so she can’t ever be anything but femme,” ignore the fact that she continually chooses to wear suits and pants and leather and forwent the dress entirely in her casual attire. She was initially dressed up to be Pretty and Cute and Good but she rebelled against that system completely. Just the visual jump from Pink Diamond’s Pearl to Rebel Pearl is huge. I would love to have seen Pearl choosing her rebel attire like >:3 and going for the plain leotard like it’s her most rebellious act yet.

Whether she’s butch doesn’t depend just on what she wears, butch is more than how one looks, but since she took the role as Rose’s chivalrous knight and protector and would ride or die for her femme 4 lyfe ON TOP of saying “fuck dresses and every other expectation this backwards ass society is trying to force onto me, I’m going to be a SWORD FIGHTER and a MECHANIC” yeah I don’t give a shit about her bow.

She was even dressed in men’s court fashion in a flashback! (Although it was Connie imagining her, but Connie knows Pearl well enough to know her tastes.)

I’m hoping her next regeneration’s outfit is just the most obnoxiously fancy pastel tux ever. Like “18th century French nobleman” levels of obnoxiously fancy.

nah that was steven’s imagination, since he knew what she actually looked like back then (from that picture WAY BACK in so many birthdays)

but yes otherwise that is an excellent point.

Same goes for the comics tbh.

And don’t forget this iconic one:

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