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i was just on Argus on my tauren and saw this dwarf trying to get to one of the special treasure chests, except he obviously didn’t know where it was because he was trying to climb the wrong side of the building. so i stared /wave-ing at him until he noticed me, then led him around to the pile of rocks he had to climb and showed him how to jump over to the chest. and he /cheer’ed and /thank’ed me, which was cool.

and then i typed /bye and leapt off the edge of mac’aree and died.

did i intend to do that last part? no. but he doesn’t know that. so now i have eternally implanted myself in this dude’s memory as “that crazy druid who showed me how to get treasure and then fucking hurled herself back into the abyss”, which, honestly? is one of my better achievements in this game.

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