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August 28 2017


Abled people get all their accommodation needs met. Chairs are built at a certain hight. Light bulbs put out enough brightness. Shoes are made for their feet size. Stairs are made for their leg length. Cars are made for their body proportions. Books are printed for their eyesight. Counters and cabinets are made for their hight. Cloths are made for their body type and needs. Homes have enough space for them to walk around in.

The list goes on and on. They don’t think accommodations are an issue because the world was made for them.

August 27 2017

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“Diverse media is treated with a harsher lens than everything else” Probably because we’re assuming if you took the time to include us you’d do the bare minimum which is treat characters like us with respect and how dare we be upset when that doesn’t happen

True, but in a capitalistic-driven world like ours where media’s success is measured in revenue rather than it’s cultural importance, how we engage diverse media is literally a deciding factor of if we’ll get more.

And what type of media is it affects this even further.

TV shows and movies do not have a history of reacting to outcry or criticism by re-engaging and trying to fix it, they have a history of going “oh, right, no one wants [minority] in the focus, got it” and then shelf the project and go back to “white boy wonder #3000″ and his cookie cutter story that’s guaranteed to bring in money.

Videogames have a better reaction to critical commentary about their handling of diversity, hilariously enough. This is why we had things like Gamer Gate. Because the industry is willing to listen, much to the disdain and distaste of some of its fanbase.

I get it, though. White, straight, cis people have this pool of stories and if something is not to their liking, they can complain about it and go find another one they like better, because statistically, someone out there has tackled that specific take in a story. But if you’re in a minority and the movie/game/comic/THING you got is the only one you’ve got you want it to be everything. You feel it has to do everything perfectly, on every aspect. Because you don’t have anything else.

I sincerely believe that our engagement - critical and political - with diverse media needs to radically change, however. Because our own reactions to imperfect representations of ourselves - and let’s be honest, they’re ALL imperfect representations of ourselves, someone might find them suitable and someone might find them offensive, and we’re back with trying to make ONE THING that will satisfy ALL THE THINGS FOR EVERYONE EVER - don’t encourage people to try again and do better next time. This hyper critical culture in our own communities, that also has slowly been bled out of rational or structured long term planning, has resulted on people dogpiling anything that is even remotely “problematic” and decrying it as the Absolute Worst, thus demanding it be boycotted and as far removed from everything as possible. You’re not allowed to discuss the things diverse media did right, on penalty of being told you’re supporting everything they did wrong. You’re not allowed to say “Okay, it’s not FOR EVERYONE or ALL THE THINGS, but you know what, it’s doing THIS ONE THING really well”, because then you’re a traitor and must be destroyed.

I’ve seen people stirring in the Asian and Latino camps that Black Panther is not a big deal, because there aren’t any Asian or Latino people in the front and center of the movie.

I’ve seen people hissing that Wonder Woman should be boycotted because it’s an all-white imperialistic fantasy.

Look, guys. This approach to media betrays a simple misunderstanding of what Diverse Media is. Diverse Media is not the search for The One, you know, The One Good Book/Movie/Series/Game/Comic. Diverse Media is a road towards becoming Media, without qualifiers. It’s not about finding The One and stopping, because nothing will ever represent us that well ever again. It’s the constant road we’re paving, one step at the time, to reach the point where we too will be able to wrinkle our nose at any given piece of media and then shrug and go look for something else, like white, straight, cis people do today, with that same confidence that we WILL find something else, for whatever the reason, because we’re no longer genre pieces.

Be critical of Diverse Media, by all means. But be critical while you support it. Be critical while you scream at the top of your lungs that you want More of it. 

And for the love of anything holy, please learn to engage media without that fucking Purity Culture filter bullshit that’s just ruining everything for everyone around you.

@tmirai I feel like you would enjoy reading this

This is perfect and everyone should read it or if you don’t have the time, those last three paragraphs are key.

I think another part of the problem is that…

Well, okay, it’s like this. Say we have someone who doesn’t like sitcoms. But then a new sitcom comes out, and hey, it has Representation. So a big buzz starts stirring about this show, and it passes through all the communities who are interested in diverse media, and Person Who Does Not Like Sitcoms keeps hearing ‘you have to watch New Show because Representation’.

So, they do.

And, unsurprisingly, they still do not enjoy sitcoms, so basically the only thing getting them to watch this show is the Representation.

This puts an odd pressure on the show, so far as this person is concerned, because there are two major factors going into this experience - one is that, since Good Representation is the only reason Person is watching to begin with, any flaw in the execution of that representation is going to create a scenario where they stop watching. But the second issue, often overlooked, is that even if the representation is pretty well done, there are good odds that Person is going to want to find flaws with it so that they can stop watching. Because they hate sitcoms. They are not having a good time watching this thing, but they feel morally obligated to support it - ergo, they must also find a reason why it is immoral to allow themselves to stop supporting it.

I have seen this happen with a lot of stuff, especially lately. People who do not like dating sims or lighthearted games decide that they are going to play, like, Dream Daddy, and then they are inevitably disappointed with the experience but everyone else, it seems, is just all about this game and so they start to resent it. It’s one part the aforementioned Holy Grail issue, where ‘this thing is good’ can be taken to mean ‘we have our Gay Dating Sim now, we don’t need any more, this is it forever and always’ which is alarming if you didn’t happen to like this one. But another part of it is just that a lot of people are trying to support ‘diverse media’ in genres and categories that they… really don’t even like?

It’s like, nobody forced themselves to go and see Iron Man because of that rare Billionaire Playboy representation factor. The people who went to go see that movie wanted to watch a dude in a robot suit blow stuff up, and that is exactly what they got in that film, so complaints were minimal. Whereas if Tony Stark had been marketed as, like, a Gay Superhero, a whole bunch of people who hate the concept of a man in a robot suit blowing stuff up still would have gone for the gay factor. And, especially if that content was basically like two seconds of screen time in between explosions, they probably would have been disappointed with their experience.

So I mean, people should try new things, absolutely, and be open to exploring stuff on the basis of supporting other people’s voices and by all means, we should support media that we think should exist on principle. But maybe also give it a rest when that same media doesn’t magically engage you in ways it probably never could have?

Also none of us are a monolith; we all have different narratives and have different wants and needs for our diverse media. Something may not be what you want or like but it might be perfect for someone else in the same group. If it doesn’t meet your desires, its not doing diversity Wrong or somehow a loss for social justice. Its ok to say that you wanted XYZ instead but don’t insist that that’s the only proper socially just way.


(its a smart way to explain to me why do i always have this annoying thought of “would people would be watching ______ if it didnt had ____ representation?”)


Frogs are hilarious I mean they’re mostly just a mouth but with just enough leg to throw the mouth at food

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Are you serious? Right in front of my salad???

okay this one wins. everybody else go home 

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Когда не хотел потревожить кота

“When you don’t want to disturb the cat”

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what kind of bird is this


did anyone ever tell Sirius that Hermione set Snape on fire bc I feel like that would be a bonding moment

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3D Printing A Fabulous Lion [x]

Wow….they have come a long way!

Im crying at his fuckin Cylinder Mane before the guy styles it

honestly the cylinder mane is a look

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With this gif, we shall achieve world peace.

August 26 2017

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Do Your Fucking Research *Nicki Minaj Voice*

Wow… Lmao.

Some people threw white paint on it a few years back.

They want to be a victim so bad.

Fun Fact: That’s a statue of the fist which Joe Louis used to knock out Max Schmeling, Hitler’s favored heavyweight boxer in 1938. Schmeling won the 1st bout by knockout in round twelve, but Joe Louis came back in the follow-up match and laid him the fuck out in the 1st round.

Fun Fact: Schmeling was hated by the Nazis for losing to a black man and for having a Jewish manager, and he hated them right back, stating in 1975 that he was glad he’d lost the fight because the thought of  the Nazis using him for propaganda purposes sickened him. He also personally saved the lives of two Jewish children and later became lifelong friends with Joe Louis.

So maybe don’t refer to him as “Hitler’s favored heavyweight boxer”…

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This tweet made me think of my favorite greeting cards, “That’s All” cards! Also they help fund ovarian cancer research!

This one also fits:

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I want to die.

That phrase “what’s her damage” is what really scares me here

IE he thinks he’s gotta damage her to make her Batgirl because he has literally zero concept of who Barbara Gordon is as a person

IE we’re probably gonna have to see Babs put through some act of extreme violence (oh god please don’t let it be sexual violence PLEASE) to traumatize her into becoming Batgirl

Seriously what is wrong with her dressing like Batman for a party just to piss off her dad and winding up stopping a coupla supervillains and deciding to keep doing it because this shit’s awesome and no, Batman, you don’t get to tell her to stop, you don’t get to tell her ANYTHING because she’s not your sidekick

Lil Dick Grayson making heart eyes in the background the whole time

Seriously Joss there is nothing wrong with that concept, you can make a woman into a badass without damaging her first

I don’t know anything about Batgirl and this sounds awful

August 25 2017




Okay, friends, let’s talk about going to protests and weaponizing our whiteness, if in fact we are white.

You know what the protesters who marched with Dr. King wore? Their best. Their clergy stoles, their suits. If you’re a doctor or a nurse? Wear your scrubs. If you’re a parent? Wear your PTA shirt if it’s too hot for a suit. If you’re a student? Dress like you’re going to go volunteer somewhere nice, or wear a t-shirt that proclaims you a member of your high school band, your drama group, your church youth group. Whatever it is, make sure it’s right there with your white face.

This is literally the tactic of the people who marched with King in the 60s, and we need to bring it back, and bring it back HARD.

I do this all the time when I go to marches. I wear my cutest, least-offensive geeky t-shirt, crocs and black pants, or I wear my t-shirt that mentions my kid’s school district, or now I’ll wear the pink t-shirt that says I’m part of the Sisterhood at my shul. If it’s cold enough, I wear a cardigan and jeans and sit my ass in my wheelchair. (I need to anyway.) I put signs on my wheelchair that say things like ‘I love my trans daughter’ and ‘love for all trans children’ or something else that applies to the event. Dress like you are going to an interview if you can, or make yourself look like a parent going to pick up a gallon of milk at the corner store. Make yourself “respectable.” Use respectability politics and whiteness AS A WEAPON.

Fuck yes I will weaponize the fact that I look like a white soccer mom. And you should do this too if you can. Weaponize the fuck out of your whiteness. If you are disabled and comfortable with doing so, turn ableism on its head and weaponize it. Make it so that the cameras that WILL be pointed at you see your whiteness, see your status as a parent, see your status as a community member. See you in your wheelchair or with your cane. If you have privilege or a status that allows you to use it as a weapon or a shield, use it as a shield to defend others or a weapon to break through the bullshit.

This has a fair number of notes, so maybe it’s already been mentioned but …

The “Sunday Best” thing from the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s & 60s, or wearing markers of an assigned profession (e.g. scrubs) is an established tactic of social movements.  They’re part of what Charles Tilly (one of the academic god father’s of social movement theory) called “WUNC” displays.  WUNC can be broken down to:

  • worthiness: sober demeanor (!!!); neat clothing (!!!); presence of clergy, dignitaries, and mothers with children;
  • unity: matching badges, headbands, banners, or costumes (!!!); arching in ranks; singing and chanting;
  • numbers: headcounts, signatures on petitions, messages from constituents, filling streets;
  • commitment: braving bad weather; visible participation by the old and handicapped (!!!); resistance to repression; ostentatious sacrifice (!!!), subscription, and/or benefaction. (Tilly, 2004, pg. 4 - tumblr-style emphasis my own)

While I’m very much in support of anti-fascist protesting in whatever form it takes, especially when engaged in a counter-protest, one of the great tragedies of the American political climate right now is that we’ve really forgotten some of the biggest lessons of the Civil Rights Era.  King didn’t trot out fresh-faced students, church women in big fancy hats, or the elderly and disabled without knowing what he was doing.  He (and the other members of his affiliated organizations) knew that if the police were photographed using violent repression against a mother holding her child, or a student in slacks, a cardigan, and Buddy Holly glasses, it would go over very differently than if they were photographed beating up “unruly thugs”.  Their presence alone would be notable to people locally, especially in the heat of the south.  But so would photographs of repressive violence against “nice people” that would then get picked up by the national media, and maybe in markets that were more sensitive to racial oppression.  

[And like, there are other factors as well.  People also sometimes think the Civil Rights Era erupted spontaneously from Jim Crowe and segregation in the South, and those are giant factors (”depravation” and “grievance”, in jargon), but there were also legislative things and court rulings brewing since the 1920s (the NAACP had been trying Civil Rights cases, and looking for test cases over the years), and the Cold War meant that America needed to appear to be the perfect image of opportunity and equality (together these things manifest as an “opportunity structure”.  again, jargon).  Not to get to down on protest as its own thing, but the structuralists do have a bit of a point.]

…  There are other types of anti-fascist counter-protesting that have developed in various ways through the years. And like, a big thing in social movement theory overall is that while there are common tactics (”protest repertoires” in jargon), historical contexts matter a lot and some groups will have to do more dramatic performances of the WUNC to get attention.  There’s also the move revolutionary antifa-type riot mentality.  I’m not gonna call that one wrong either, mind, but since the Civil Rights Movement was brought up, it should be noted that those two forms of protest differed intentionally.

Anyway, as someone turning in a dissertation on this in a couple of days, here’s some drive-by political-sociology.  If you want to learn more about the research behind processes of social movements, where they succeeded, and where they failed, I totally recommend checking out:

  • Charles Tilly (2004) Social Movements 1768-2008, 
  • Sidney Tarrow (2011) Strangers at the Gates: Movements and States in Contentious Politics, 
  • Sidney Tarrow (1998) Power in Movement: Social Movements and Contentious Politics, 
  • Frances Fox Piven & Richard A. Cloward (1988) Poor People’s Movements: Why They Succeed and How They Fail, (this is on the Civil Rights Era protests and the somewhat fraught legislative follow-up exactly)
  • McAdam, Tarrow and Tilly (2001) The Dynamics of Contention

(McAdam has a quite well-regarded book on the Civil Rights Era specifically. I haven’t read it personally as it relates less to my regional context. However like, that’s worth noting and looking into.  Also all of these are stodgey academic texts, but they’re not uncommon in university libraries, or even in some bookstores. They’re also all a bit old now and shouldn’t cost you a ton online.)

As a note – My point here isn’t to descend from the Ivory Tower of Academia and say “you people on the streets are doing this wrong!!1!”.  Theory doesn’t always match up with Practice, and as noted by pretty much every notable theorist anyway… Context matters a TON.  Not all movements will be able to use the same practices or performances.  Sometimes their inaccessible, sometimes they just don’t have the cross-context appeal.  It’s about experimentation and finding opportunity.  To be clear, this isn’t about me telling folks how it should be done.  Still, I think it’s worth sharing information when it’s available, especially if people who might not know are trying to draw specific links to historical cases.  Social movement theorists have pretty much all agreed that WUNC displays (along with other factors like media diffusion) are super duper important and can be recognized in movements across historical contexts.  I think it’s worth it for younger activists who might be looking for protest repertoires that work for their movement as it’s developing to take heed of the successes and failures of the past.  Especially since a lot of it is either a) so much a part of history and culture that it doesn’t really get examined for its constituent bits, or b) has been mythologized to the point that it’s hard to look for really good popular historical information on its technical processes.

(If people have questions, feel free to DM me.  I might be a little slow the next couple of days as I finish up proof-reading and checking all my citations but yeah.  Let’s share knowledge and smash the fash.)

The Nazis of 2017 gained the ground they have with articles about how they were “dapper.” That was a political choice, and it worked. It snowed a lot of gullible goyim. People refused for almost a year to call “the alt-right” Nazis because they looked “like average white people.”

Nazis see their whiteness as a weapon already. Get yours out there and show them – they will never sway everyone. “If you have privilege or a status that allows you to use it as a weapon or a shield, use it as a shield to defend others or a weapon to break through the bullshit.”

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August 24 2017

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now we’re asking the real questions


I’ll see your “2000s rock songs where the vocalist refers to women he clearly wants to have sex with as ‘baby girl’“ and raise you “1970s rock songs where the vocalist refers to women he clearly wants to have sex with as ‘little sister’“.

9281 1738
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School Successfully Replaces Detention With a Mindful Meditation Room

this is such a good and productive decision? 

Ok everyone should do this. Stop punishing children for having emotions. School is stressful! They’re reacting to the stress, especially if they have teachers that dismiss them

What a beautiful concept. Protect and help the babies

This is good.





we’re gonna run out of posts eventually

you wont live to see it….

good god this is the most ominous thing anyone has ever said to me what the fuck

no it isnt

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